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Cars and machines

AM General 1971

Grímur Jónsson bought this car from the navy base in Keflavík in 1985. Arnar Ingólfsson bought off Grímur in 1996 and lent it to the museum in 2002. These jeeps have springs and an independent suspension on every corner and they just have single speed transfer case. The engine is a four cylinder OHV, from Continental. It is completely waterproof, that is, both the ignition and carburetor.

AMC Jeep CJ5 1972

One of the first AMC jeeps in Iceland. On May 24th in 1972 Ólafur Sigurđsson at Búvellir in Ađaldalur bought it new and has owned it since. This car has a 6 cylinder 258 cubic inch inline engine. In 1974 the car was equipped with a Warn electric winch. Ólafur used the car for various things including farmwork on his father's farm. Originally the car had a black Witchko softtop but in 1982 Ólafur bought a Meyer cab that used to be on a jeep from the Navy base in Keflavík. The universal joints in the drive shafts have never been changed. Neither have the steering linkage or the clutch but suspension has been changed. The car has 235.000 km on it.

Mercedes Bens Unimog 1955

Ingólfur bought the Unimog shortly before 1970 off the Mercedes dealer. It was used on various agricultural jobs until 1990. This car is very tough on rough terrain and can pull heavy loads. The engine is a 4 cylinder diesel, 30 horsepower, 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears. The axles have manual differential gear locks and gear reduction is at every wheel.

Bombardier snowmobile 1951

Ingólfur bought this snowmobile off Friđrik Glúmsson from Vallakot in Reykjadalur who had gotten it from Stefán Hannesson from Stórutjarnir. Stefán got it from Páll Sigurđsson from Varmahlíđ who had bought off Guđmundur Jónasson. Ingólfur used it to drive kids in the area to school for quite a few years although the saying was that when the snowmobile was out, there would be no more snow. Guđmundur Jónasson, Iceland's pioneer in highland bustours, bought the car new and took it to the east of Iceland to transport feed and other necessities for the farmers. In 1951 there were heavy snows in the east. When he went back south in the spring he stopped by the Geysir airplane wreckage on Bárđarbunga and retrieved some of its goods.


Brengun carrier 1944

Early 1960 3 or 4 of these carriers were imported to be used as snowmobiles. However, the tracks were to narrow and the armour to heavy for it to be effective in snow. This particular carrier wound up in Borgarfjörđur where Leopold in Hređavatnsskáli used it, among other things, to mend fences in the lava. Later on it went to Sleitustađir in the north and that is where Ingólfur bought it in 1980. By that time they had built a cab for the driver and made some other minimal changes to it. Some efforts have since been made to restore it to its original state. These carriers were manufactured by Ford in a few places such as the UK and the states, this particular one was manufactured in Canada in December 1944. The drive train is a V8 Ford flathead, 4 gear transmission and the axle are the same as in the Ford truck at the time.


Dodge Carry All ˝ ton 1940

This car has 6 cylinder flathead engine, 4 speed transmission and a single speed transfer box. Ingólfur bought this car from the Norwegian army in Reykjavík in September 1945. The car was very badly wrecked because few Norwegian soldiers had taken it with out permission to go and have some fun. They got drunk and drove out to a canal beside the road and hit a telephone post and also a big rock. The front axle was lying lengthwise under the car, one front corner of the frame was very much out of shape and the telephone post had damaged the rear end of the car. Ingólfur bought the car lying like that in the canal. He moved it to the garage were he was working at that time, Sveinn Egilsson at Hlemmur in Reykjavík. Shortly after the car arrived to the garage, few things disappeared from the car, for example both doors and all the wheels. The Icelanders thought that the army owned the car so they just took what they needed, but when they heard that Ingólfur owned the car, things started to come back, all but one of the front door. Ingólfur started to work on the car and soon he was driving it, first on 20" wheels and tires off his old Ford truck. When Ingólfur and Kristbjörg moved from Reykjavík north to Ystafell, in the spring 1946, they did it with the old Dodge. Then it was the only four wheel drive car in this area, and that's why it saw both bad weather and even worse roads. It was in full use until the late sixties, but since that it has been retired, it is the same condition as it was when it was last in use, but it was painted 1993. The invoice and the bill of entry do still exist.

Dodge Coronet 440 1967

This car has a 6 cylinder 225 cubic, 145 horse power engine and 3 speed transmission. It has only been driven 121.908km. Már Hallgrímsson, a banker from Fáskrúđsfjörđ bought this car new and was the owner until 1978. Then he sold it to Tryggvi Sigmundsson at Gestsstöđum by Fáskrúđsfjörđur who had it until 1994. Then Smári Júlíusson go it and sold it to Sverrir Meyvantssyni in Reykjavik the same year. In 1995, Ingólfur and Kristbjörg from Ystafell bought the car. It was the family car until they passed away early in 2003.

Dodge Weapon Carrier 1942

Ingólfur got this car in 1991 from Olafur Theódórsson on Tjarnargerđi in Eyjafjörđur, but his father had owned that car for a long time for a company he owned. Theódór had got the car from Tryggva Jónatanssyni on Litla Hamri in Eyjafjörđur. That car had the license plate number A392. The roof is Icelandic but these cars originally came with a soft roof, It's not unlikely that the soldiers built the hard top roof right at the beginning.

Farmall Cub 1959

Vantar texta

Fiat 1100 1956

Vantar texta

Ford 1938 truck

We are restoring this car, actually we are putting two cars together.

Car number 1 is a car that Árni Hansen in Saudárkrókur bought new and the license plates was number SK-52, the school farm at Hólar in Hjaltadalur bought it later, then it got the name "the Hólaford", and got the number plates K-33. The third owner was Ingólfur Andrésson, car mechanic, he rebuild the car. Later Trausti Símonarson at Litlahlíđ in Skagafjörđur, got the car. Ingólfur Kristjánsson got the leftovers of the car in 1999, it was just the frame and few other small pieces, but the frame was used in the restoration process.

Car number 2. Ingólfur, the manager of the cooperative at Hella bought this car new and used it to carry goods for his company. Later, Eiríkur and Rafn in Réttarholti, got the car and used it for a few years, they sold it Víkingur Guđmundsson in 1945. Víkingur moved north to Akureyri and used the car among other things to transport gravel when the hospital in Akureyri was been build. Ađalsteinn Ţorsteinsson driver at Stefnir, bought the car in 1947 and had it until 1955. Then Gústav Behrend on Sjávarbakka got it and used it to 1963. Sigurgeir Geirfinnsson, farmer at Auđnir in Öxnadal got the car in 1963 and used it for many years at the farm. Starri Hjartarson got the car around 1990 and brought it to Ystafell, Starri gave the car to Ingólfur in 1997.

In 1938, Ford had 85 horsepower V-8 engine (21 head studs) and four speed transmission. This was the last year that Ford used mechanical brakes, actually cables brakes.

Ford F-600 1955. Ţ 389

Ingólfur Hallsson Steinkirkju in Fnjóskadal bought this car new and has owned it since. The car came originally with a standard cab and no platform, the frame was lengthening at Foss at Húsavík. Then it was brought to Fjalar were Ingólfur Helgason, carpenter made the double cab and a fixed platform to carry milk. In 1959, Ingólfur Kristjánsson put another platform and a hoist on it. This car has V8 cylinder gasoline engine, 256 cubic inches.

Ford herjeppi 1942

Ingólfur bought this jeep at Akureyri in 1989, then it had been modified a lot, for example the fenders had been lengthen, put a Icelandic back body on it and also a Icelandic windshield frame, but the drivetrain was original. Since then, we have tried to make it more original.

Ford AA 1929

In 1929 Ford had 40 horsepower four cylinder and 4 speed transmission. In those years the trucks was usually imported open, that is, they just had firewall, hood and front fenders, sometimes people even didn´t buy tire for the spare wheel and no runningboards, just to save currency. On this car, everything that is green was made in Iceland and the rest was imported.

Ingólfur Kristjánsson got this car in 1956 from Jóhannes Hermundarsonn in Akureyri, but Jóhannes got it from Kópavogur. Later, Ingólfur was going to make a coach to carry hay, from the car but his son Ari which was just few years old then didn´t like the idea so the car was put aside for storage. In 1991 we started to restore it, and it took 3 years. This car is made to look like Ingólfs first car. The hoist mechanism is from Ingólfs old car.

Ingólfur bought that car for 5.000 kr which was a lot of money at that time, but the car was in good condition and it had three weeks work attached, which was a big bonus then. Ingólfur was going to pay for the car with a cheque but the former owner didn´t want any cheque (said that it was no money). Ingólfur went to the Útvegsbanki in Reykjavík, but they had not enough money to cash in he cheque so he had to go to the Landsbanki and they could cash the cheque.

Ford Bronco 1966

This car was bought new by Sigurđur Guđmundsson at Grenjađarstađ and sold to Valdimar Valdimarsson and Helga Ingólfsdóttir in 1974, they owned it until 1982 where Ari Ingólfsson bought it. It was only painted in 1997, nothing more has been restored.


Ford Courier 1955

Hendrik Kondrup bought this car new and Páll Pálsson recuperated it. Then, Árni Kristjánsson and Hólmfríđur Jónsdóttir bought it from Páll. So, Valdimar Gunnarsson bought it and later, sold to Ingólfur and Kristbjörg. The car has 6 cylinders and 3 speed manual transmission and was originally with closed sides. The windows was made in Akureyri.

Ford Mustang coupe 1969

V8 351 cubic inches 2 barrel Cleveland, FMX automatic transmission and a 8 inch rear axle, Magnum 500 wheels and a custom velvet interior, like in the 70´s. Sverrir Ingólfsson bought this car February 22 1983, and soon started to restore it, there was no engine in it and it was pretty rusty, the rear decklid spoiler, rear fender flares and the door openings are made by the owner. Gunnhildur Ingólfsdóttir did the interior.

Ford Taunus 20 M 1966

This car was imported used. Skúli Guđmundsson and Hulda Sigurvinsdóttir in Akureyri had this car, Hulda gave it to the Museum in the year 2000. This Taunus 20M 1966 has V6 engine and four speed transmission.

Ford Thunderbird 1979

This car came with the US army to the Navy base in Keflavík around 1986. Sverrir Ingólfsson bought it in November 1987, then the paint was very badly burnt of the sun in Oklahoma. It has 351 Cleveland engine and enough horsepowers so the ride is very comfortable.

Fordson E27N

This one is made in Great Britain 1946 and is 27 horsepower. These tractors are special in many ways, there is no brake for your feet, only hand brake and the clutch pedal is for the right feet, the other side than all others. The tracks on this tractor came to Ystafell from Mosfellsbć near Reykjavík. In 1948, 4 Roadless tracks sets like this was imported to Iceland. The tractor came from Lyngholt in Bárđardalur, but it was first in Eyjafjörđur.

Hankmó herfi

Í kringum 1913 var byrjađ ađ flytja inn Finnsk hankmó herfi eins og ţetta. Ţetta herfi keypti Búnađarfélag Ljósavatnshrepps í kringum 1930 og var ađallega notađ utarlega í sveitinni, bćndur í syđri helmingnum notuđu frekar svokallađ "Lúđvíksherfi". Ţetta herfi hefur aldrei veriđ notađ aftan í annađ en hesta.

International 10-20

Samband íslenskra samvinnufélaga byrjađi ađ flytja ţessar vélar inn í kringum 1929. Kenningar eru um ađ ţessi traktor hafi komiđ nýr til Búnađarsambands Hólshrepps í Bolungarvík og fariđ ţađan á Seljalandsbúiđ í Ísafirđi. Matthías Guđmundsson á Hvítanesi í Ögurhreppi keypti hann ţar í kringum 1950 og notađi hann viđ landbúnađarstörf fram til 1960. Guđjón Jónsson á Eyri í Ögurhreppi eignađist hann síđan, en Guđjón notađi traktorinn ekki mikiđ og ţar stóđ hann ţangađ til Haraldur Gíslason mjólkursamlagsstjóri á Húsavík fékk hann. Ţegar Haraldur féll frá fékk Ingólfur traktorinn. Ţessar vélar eru merkilegar ađ ýmsu leyti, ţađ er enginn startari á ţeim og ţađ er hćgt ađ hella eter inn í soggreinina ţegar sett er í gang í kulda. Sveifarásinn hvílir í 2 kúlulegum. Rúmtak vélarinnar er rúmlega 4,6 lítrar en hún skilađi bara 10 hestöflum til dráttar en 20 hestöflum á reimskífuna, ţannig er nafniđ 10-20 tilkomiđ. Ţessir traktorar voru óhemju sterkbyggđir og afkastamiklir á sínum tíma.

Canadian Chevrolet 1941

In the WW2, they made over 300.000 cars like this, both by Ford And Chevrolet in Canada called CMP. Most of them had four wheel drive and this one is one of very few two wheel drive CMPs that came to Iceland. Many of these cars became fire trucks in Iceland. Anton Jónsson at Naustir nearby Akureyri bought this car from the KEA milkdairy in 1955, but the dairy got it from farmers at Víđigerđi in Eyjafjörđur. Anton used it to transport milk and other thing at his farm until 1983. In the fall of 2001, Anton brought the car to Ystafell and we soon started to restore it. The platform is a exact copy of the original platform and the same irons were used.

Kewet El-jet 1991

This is a Danish electric-car with 10 horses and 4 manual speed transmission. Frjó ltd. imported few cars like this one to Iceland and this one soon came to Akureyri, and Stíll ltd. owned it for a few years. Rafeyri ltd. got it later and gave it to the museum in June 2001.

Land Rover 1951

Ţormóđur Sigurđsson a priest at Vatnsenda in Ţingeyjarsveit, bought this car new. Later the brothers, Jón and Gísli Ólafsson from Kraunastađir in Ađaldalur got the car. Halldór Jónasson in Byrgisholt got it later, and Ingólfur Kristjánsson from Halldór. Ţormóđur bought it with a grass mower, one of four which were imported with a mower to Iceland. The number plates on the car are the first that were put on it, they were found recently in the cellar at Vatnsendi.

Massey Harris Pony 1951

Kristján Blćr Ásmundsson farmer at Lindahlíđ in Ađaldal bought this Pony new. Later Salómon Erlendsson in Húsavík got the tractor, Kristján Eysteinsson got it from Salómon and used it for a few years. Kristján in Lindahlíđ got it back again and he gave it to the museum in the fall 2001. In the winter 2003 - 04 it was restored. This Pony was newer with any lights, but you could buy them as a extra epuiqment. Massey Harris Pony was 11 horsepower and had 3 speed transmission.

Mercury Comet S-22 1964.

This car has a 170 cubic inches and a 105 horse power engine and 3 speed manual transmission. Kristján Eysteinsson and Emelía Friđriksdóttir at Húsavík bought this car in 1972 from Áki Stefánsson skipper in Akureyri. Karl Óskar Geirsson painted the car in 1999, otherwise it has not been restored, but it has got a good maintenance over the years like you can see.

Mercury Monterey 1954

Helgi Skúlason bought this Mercury new. Sverrir Sigurvinssson in Djúpárbakka bought it from Helgi at November 24 1964, and used it until 1974. This car has a V-8 256 cubic inches 162 horse power engine and 3 speed manual transmission.


Moskvitch 408 1966

Baldur Óli Jónsson a dentist in Neskaupstađur bought this car new and used it for many years. Then his son in law, Sigurđur Runólfsson carpenter in Akureyri got it and used it as a work car. Árni Sigurđsson, Baldur Óli´s grand child got the car from his father and restored it. Moskvitch 1966 has a 4 cylinder OHV 60 horsepower engine and 4 speed transmission.

Nash Airflyte Statesman Super 1949.

These cars were away ahead of its time in many ways, both the way it looks and some of its equipment. You can lay the seats flat to make double bed, there is a curtain in the middle of the dashboard to cover the radio, the gauges are also unique. This car has a 6 cylinder flathead 172,6 cubic inch 85 horse power engine, 3 speed transmission and a overdrive.

Helgi Elíasson a repairman at Smári in Reykjadalur bought this car in 1956, but it was imported by a US soldier. Páll Friđriksson at Halldórsstađir in Reykjadalur bought it from Helgi, then Hreinn Valtýsson in Eyvík on Tjörnes bought it and used it for a few years. Valdimar Gunnarsson from Böđvarsgarđur in Fnjóskadalur bought it later and owned it until around 1980. Sigursteinn Ţórsson in Akureyri got it from Valdimar and he brought it to the Museum in the fall 2000.

Oldsmobile Regancy 1985

The story says that the Icelandic Embassy in Washington owned this car for the first two years, it was imported to Iceland in 1987. Then Sveinn Indriđason got it, and later Stefán B. Ólafsson in Vestmannaeyjum owned it until 1998, when Hrafnkell Marinósson got it, he gave it to the Museum in the fall 2001. This car has electric seats and windows, V-6 engine and automatic transmission.

Plymouth Belvedere II 1966

This car has 6 cylinder 225 cubic engine and a 3 gear gearbox. Ingólfur and Kristbjörg bought this car from Erlendur Konráđsson (doctor on Akureyri), that bought it new. They used the car as a family car until 1988, then it was put a side until 1998 when it was painted.

Saab 99 GL 1983

Magnús Guđmundsson electrician in Borgarnes bought this Saab new, when Magnús passed away, his sister got the car. Then few of this museums friends bought the car and gave it to the museum. This car is in extremely good condition, you can open the hood, trunk or the doors, it is like new, just as Magnús left it.

Skoda 110 LS 1976

Ingimar Eydal musician in Akureyri bought this car new in 1976 and used it until 1981, then his daughter Inga, got it and used till 1984, then Ingimar got it again and used it till he died in 1993. Ingimar and his wife, Ásta Sigurđardóttir had great fondness in Skoda and they have had 15 Skodas over the years, the first one was made in 1955. Ingimar always had the license plate A 1027.

Trabant 601S 1986

Bergţór Björnsson bought this unbeatable car in Akureyri in 1990 and used it for a few years. The engine is 2 cylinder 2 stroke air cooled, 594,5 CC and 26 horsepower.

Vauxhall Viva 1970

Sverrir Guđmundsson on Lómatjörn near Grenivík bought this Viva new and used it for many years. Ólafur Sigurđur Baldvinsson seaman in Grenivík bought it from Sverrir and used it as his summercar until 2000, then he gave the car to the museum. This car has never been restored.

Volkswagen bjalla 1958

Vantar texta

Wartburg 1981

Gunnar Helgason in Akureyri bought this Wartburg new. Gunnar used it among other things when he was studying in Sweden, but since 1988 the car has been having his fiesta in Gunnars garage, until in January 2002, Gunnar brought it to the Museum. Wartburg has 3 cylinder, 2 stroke 65 horsepower water cooled engine.

Ţúfnaskeri Hauks í Garđshorni

Sennilega hefur Haukur Ingjaldsson í Garđshorni smíđađ ţennan ţúfnaskera eftir lýsingu frá Jakobi Líndal en Rćktunarfélag norđurlands hafđi látiđ smíđa svona ţúfnaskera eftir hans fyrirsögn áriđ 1914. Ţetta tćki er eingöngu hnođađ eđa boltađ saman, engin suđa var til á ţessum tíma önnur en ţegar menn suđu saman yfir eldi.