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3. júlí 2012

Summer of 2012.

June 2012!
The summer of 2012 has started and it started rather well, we have had many visitors and also getting new cars and all kind of stuff! There have been few groups coming to us this spring and some of them want to get refreshments, we try our best! We will try to keep working on the "Kristnes car" next fall. If you klick on the picture on the right, you will see some pics from this summer. Karl Eskil Pálsson came to us this spring and made a show the N4 TV station, you can watch it here


6. júní 2011

Summer of 2011!

Massey Ferguson 35.
Even though the weather is still rather cold, we have opened the museum, hopefully we will get some warm days soon. This winter, we restored Massey Ferguson 35 tractor on tracks with cab, which was built here in Iceland. The dairy company at Husavik and a few farmers in Ađaldalur bought this Norwegian track set in 1966, and put it on the Ferguson and carried milk, hay and various other stuff on this vehicle.   

12. september 2010

Kristnes- car, Ford 1946

Ford 1946, built for "Kristnes"
Old man, winter is just around the corner and thus we are starting to speculate our upcoming projects. Last year Helgi Magnússon and Hinrik Thorarensen gave the museum a car cab built for Kristneshćli situated in Eyjafjörđur. Grímur Valdimarsson, who ran a workshop concentrating on building cabs, built this cab. It is sitting inside the garage this very moment and we are trying to convince ourselves we can make something out of it! Please click on the picture. When you do so you will see a bigger version and an older one taken at Kristnes. By all means find us on facebook, there you can see more pictures, news and an occasional video.

7. júní 2010

Open for the summer 2010!

The summer has arrived once again, drawing us out of the garage
Dixie Flyer 1919!
and into the sunlight where we have been busy getting the showrooms ready. Some new machines have been added to our inventory this winter, we finished restoring an Oliver Cletrac HG belt tractor. The National Museum of Iceland and the Transportation Museum at Ystafell made a contract, it was agreed that we would preserve and showcase a Ford Zephyr Zodiac model 1955 that used to belong to Sigurđur Pétur Björnsson (Silli), a bank governor from Húsavík. Silli gave the car to the National Museum of Iceland in 1991, since then it has been in storage in Reykjavík but now it will be here with us. A few days ago we got a very rare piece of eye candy, a 1919 Dixie Flyer. The Dixie Flyer was only manufactured from 1916 until 1923 and they are extremely rare in the world today. This specific unit came new to Akureyri and is still in good condition. Arngrímur Jóhannsson from Akureyri loaned us the vehicle. And last but not least we also have a Facebook page now so you can catch us there with videos and pictures.


13. júlí 2009

The Icelandic museum day!

A portion of the cars!
To celebrate the Icelandic day of the museum, members of the car club in Akureyri dropped in driving their antique cars to pay us a visit. Jón Sigurđsson along with the father and son, Ţorgrímur and Óli, cruised from Húsavík in their cars and enjoyed a cup with us. The day turned out great and it surely didn't spoil the fun when a Skoda 440S anno. 1956 dropped in. It turned out to be a couple from the Czech Republic traveling through Iceland. Approximately 100 guests paid us a visit over the course of the day, the sun was shining brightly but kindly enough mother nature brought us a refreshing sea-breeze. Perhaps rather too refreshing, if not chilling after a while. The staff here at the museum would like to thank it's guests for a lovely day.

20. október 2008


"KM malbik" putting asphalt on the parking lot.
Now we have made a bigger and paved parking lot in front of our older showroom. The museum has got many vehicles this summer, I will tell you about few. Eiríkur Óskarsson gave us a Cadillac 1982, former president car of Iceland, it was used when Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was president. Hulda and her brother Sigurjón from Bitrugerđi in Eyjafjörđur gave us Hanomag R 12 from 1955, they bought the tractor new and it is in excellent condition. Baldur´s Sigurđsson Sno-cat came to us in the last days of September. The Sno-cat is in very good condition, despite its many rough rescue trips over the years. We have started to work on our next project, it is Oliver Cletrac HG which came new to the Álafoss farm in Mosfellsbć. You can click on the picture to see more pictures from last summer. 

25. maí 2008

Summer has arriwed!

10. mars 2008

The Ford truck finally painted!

5. nóvember 2007

Winter is here!

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